Sunday 1 October 2023


 No Worries Until You Say There Are.

Hakuna Matata! 
Interesting line, isn't it?
In India we even had a song with that. "Hakuna Matata, Jo Bhi Hota Hain Honedo, Yeh Hain Tension Free Philosophy, Hakuna Matata.
Feels good to here it in audio and if you got any chance I think you should try and listen it.

What can you learn from this song? Problems are everywhere and no matter where you live and where you were born, problems will be constant in everyone's lives. No one could avoid it and no one could ever try and skip it, it is inevitable and no one could stop it. 
What option does we as a person facing them have? I would say that besides trying to avoid it and play the blame game, which many of us do a lot. We should give some time to think about the problem, the issue, your situation in it and then try to find answers within the problems and without stressing out and taking irrational decisions without thinking of the circumstances. Resolving through anger and agony, these are the options that won't lead you anywhere.

If you come across such problems, always look for the brighter side and try the find the "why?" in the problem. Why did it came across me? Why am I the only one having this problem? and if you got the why in the problem then go to find the "What?" 
As if, what you can do to resolve that situation? What easy way there is to get pass this problem? and thinking over it continuously rather than acting quickly will help you get your solution. 
It'll be hard to get used to this technique but the more you use it and the more often you try to solve it through this way, the more you'll frequently use it in you day to day life without any stress. 
That's all for today, wish me luck for tomorrow's blog and I'll try to write it everyday and try to make it more often.

Swami Vivekananda- " If you don't come across any problem in a day then you probably are on wrong track."
If you don't face any problem in a day then this line say that you are on a track that will lead you nowhere and will not help you in any way.

Till then "Hakuna Matata, Jo Bhi Hota Hain Honedo, Yeh Hain Tension Free Philosophy, Hakuna Matata" 
Thank you!

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