Thursday 1 July 2021

What Life Really Wants?

A Short Reference!

    Life can become the best and the worst thing at the same time. It could give you thrill, goosebumps and at the same time it will give you sorrow, pain or on other hand 'stress'. Recently, I came from Tirupati Balaji and since then it has been 15 days. Since those days I'm not feeling well at all; my daily routine has been changed and even I feel like, not doing anything productive.
    I'm trying my best to regain my old habits so that I can even focus on my health. As my body structure is misplacing due to still whole day at work. Slightest change in habit can make a huge impact in the long run. I started with writing my whole day, from what happened since I woke up and I'm only trying to focus on goods things that has happened throughout the day.
    Life is a tree with endless possibilities, we are a trunk of the tree which stays intact and the branches are the decision that we make through course of life. The decision that we make will decide whether the branch will be strong one or fragile one. Sometimes I think; even I'm not perfect, even I don't take right decision and I feel like if I don't make right decision then how can I give someone else advice over what they should do.
    But this is life, isn't it? Wrong decision or right decision it's all part of the journey and we have to be proud when we are right and learn and embrace when we make mistake. Failure is a part and we should remember learn to learn from each step we take in life.
    Everyone have their pain, struggle, stress, problems; but thinking them as opportunity rather than failure will make us what we want to see ourselves in our future-self. 
    Just focus on good part and leave rest of it behind. Learn to Live each moment that passes by, you'll never know whenever each lesson will be used and how it'll will help you solve your problem. 
    I remember in a movie named Kung-Fu Panda, they had a master named 'Master Oogway' and he said a really nice line and everyone should remember it. He said, "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a present" and in such a way, how we think or see our world will be it. If you see this world with evilness in you, you'll never find goodness in anybody. Nature made us not to learn or see evil in other but rather to see the good in other and to that we should consume 'good vibes only' or only good knowledge/experience. 
That's all I got for today and I hope you loved it and be sure to read my next blog.
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Thanks for reading! I wish you all good luck to your work ahead. Keep smiling and always be healthy. Have a nice day.....
Buh Bye.....


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