Sunday 1 October 2023

LIFE : A Never Ending Journey

So before starting to read this. Everyone might have a question in their mind, if you don't have this question in your mind then you should assume that you don't use your brains whenever necessary (just a small joke). So coming to the topic i.e., the question, What is "LIFE".

  1. Is life a natural phenomenon about taking birth, studying in school & colleges, getting a well paid job (that's what my parents think), working hard, getting married, having kids,getting old and the last one "dying".
  2. Is life a phenomenon about the same from taking birth till passing out from college and doing exactly what you i.e., following your passion.
So, as soon as the word passion comes, everyone will choose the second option (phenomenon) and make it their highest priority of  following their passion. But friends is doing what you're passionate about is enough. If you go behind your passion and it will be great if you achieve is before 30 and those who go behind their passion before even getting mature they achieve it easily and more often they achieve it at a young age.
Wow, achieving your passion at a young age. Hurray !!! You've made it.
But what next, just working on your passion for a lifetime. Will this be your answer.
That isn't a bad thing to do. But if you'll keep working on the same passion till you'll die and before dying if someone will ask you whether you know "how to swim" then your answer will be "I'm only aware of being obsessed about my passion." Another person will ask you whether you know "how it feels after climbing the highest mountain" then your answer will "Wait, do we have any high mountains in our area."

Don't be a boredom in your life.
You have only one life and if you'll waste your life by just doing one thing till your last breathe.  
Life is about diversification : 
Lesson :-  Never be a straight-forward person in your life.
"A straight tree is always preferred to be cut down firstly rather than a tree that has too many branches wrapped upon each because that tree is the hardest to tear apart."
You have to choose your path and if you're not a diversified person, then you'll be the first to lose
You'll never have a fair game to play but never forget one thing,
"God gives his hardest battle to his strongest soldier."
If you're are onto something, then never back down and for not letting this happen never prepare a Plan B in your goal because if you don't have any Another Plan you'll never have another chance so you have to win it or else you have to lose.


    I'm glad you read this blog till the end, I'm sure you'll love more like this. I promise to improve myself and not to stay same and make you bore.

    Thank you and be sure to comment my work and let me know how really your blog experience was and I'm sure I'll appreciate each one of you and learn each mistake that you point out.

    To get more close to me. Be sure to watch video through my youtube channel.

    Till then it's a good bye and wish you all good luck to your journey ahead, as you all know Life Is A Never Ending Journey.
Buh Bye....
Have a great day ahead.



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LIFE : A Never Ending Journey

So before starting to read this. Everyone might have a question in their mind, if you don't have this question in your mind then you sho...